Skyrocket the performance of your software development team!

Looking at the software engineering industry, we see a constant growth of the market for it. Unfortunately this does not mean that more adequately qualified specialists are available.

Success in this situation depends on the effort of whole teams. Especially on the people responsible for the time management of developers.On the people who give them the tasks. Did you know that maintenance of the projects takes on average 70% of the developers time?

Here is a good example:

One of our clients from the fintech industry was looking for a major bug for 120 hours. Time equals money. And you mostly spend it on finding bugs. In order to recreate the error conditions in detail, they decided to use the reverse debugging technology from RevDebug. Thanks to using RevDebug they found the root of the problem in 2 hours. It’s a 60-fold reduction of the debugging time!

How did they do it? Reverse debugging is a technology based on the airplane black box principle. It monitors and records everything that happens in your program. When it crashes it shows you what led to the crash. It allows you to pinpoint the cause.

RevDebug is a revolutionary debugging software. It gives you the solution on a plate and speeds up the debugging process up to hundredfold.

It is no surprise that so many companies decided use RevDebug to reduce their debugging time and focus on development. Check the diagram below for the numbers:

Are you curious about the benefits of implementing RevDebug in your company? Download the excel spreadsheet to run a simulation for your own development team.


Download the spreadsheet



Tom Makowski

I am an IT enthusiast, who currently helps developers to enhance their productivity and optimize the software development process by assisting in the usage of the RevDeBug extension for Visual Studio.