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Browser Recording

Discover the “why” behind your users’ online behavior with RevDeBug’s real-time session recording


Take a deeper look into user journeys

Holistically monitor your users’ entire real-time journeys to better understand the way they navigate through your website or application. See the impact of any errors or downtime on user behavior and track the issues back to the code.


Retain full control over what you record

Select specific interaction areas that you want to record. Protect your users’ private information, such as card details, passwords and email addresses, with data masking.


Leverage real user data to make informed business decisions

Not sure why your customers abandon their shopping carts? Discover what motivates their behavior and make data-driven decisions about your business. Proactively tackle any performance issues before they impact your customers and deliver consistently frictionless user experience.


Build more perfect software

Simple to set up. Simple to use. Try RevDeBug and increase the reliability of your software.