Local and remote reverse debugging software
Don't debug - replay!
Trace the root cause of bugs in a matter of seconds, save your developers' time and sanity with our Visual Studio extension for .NET developers
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See values right in your code during debugging. No more writing everything into the watch. Get a free 7-day trial today, extendable to 14 by registering! This feature can work even after your trial license expires, as a gift from us!


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Monitor every deployment for errors and exceptions. Replay your users’ bugs and cut down on manual testing and rollbacks.

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Monitor your application for errors and performance bottlenecks with ease – even on production!


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Time Machine

On every recording go back and forth in time, infinitely – no time or steps limit!

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Session recording

Record logs from debugging sessions locally and remotely, including live (production) environments

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Save and share

Share your recordings and save them for later use by others

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Already available for .NET Core, Azure and AWS

RevDeBug is designed to work with all platforms known to man, and we’re adding support for new ones right as we speak! .NET, AWS and Azure are already here, Unity and web frontend will be soon. Let us know, which platform would you like to see so we can prioritize it!

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For DevOps

Speed and quality matter a lot in software delivery. Sadly, bugs can stop your teams dead in their tracks. They need a 100% reliable error reporting tool to quickly isolate and fix bugs, even on production environments. RevDebug does exactly this and improves your deployment times, cutting down on manual testing and rollbacks. Bugs begone!

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RevDeBug Enterprise

RevDeBug is your downtime first response, an application monitoring and debugging tool that can make the difference between disaster and recovery when it matters most.

For a large enterprise, an hour of downtime due to critical application failure typically costs $0.5 million to $1 million and the majority of these incidents last several hours (IDC, 2014). That is a really expensive problem that we fix once and for all.

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