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Flight Recorder for your code

Find and fix the root cause of any error on production environments with our patented Flight Recorder technology, boosted by AI


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No more guesswork or error reproduction

Record and replay any error

  • Instantly find and fix any issue thanks to detailed videos of what went wrong with your code, on the backend and the frontend, using our unique Flight Recorder feature 
  • Go back in time and see all the values of all variables for each line of code without any extra coding
  • Proactively tackle errors on test and production environments, whether you use on-premise or cloud infrastructure, with no need for manual reproduction 
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Monitoring and observability

Effortless tracing and monitoring

  • End-to-end tracing with automatic instrumentation – see logs, metrics, traces and failed code execution history
  • In-depth performance monitoring. Quickly identify and remove application bottlenecks
  • Real-time topology discovery with full dependency visibility across all services
  • Highly customizable dashboards and notifications to spot problems before users report them
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  • We implemented the tool on the patient portal first, keeping in mind the need to maintain the availability of the self-service interface, for instance to book appointments and telephone consultations, renew prescriptions, talk to the doctors or check test results online.

    Jarosław Wójciński,  Head of IT Development,  LUX MED

  • My team uses RevDeBug for all those elusive and hard to reproduce bugs – it speeds up the time to diagnose issues, allowing us to be much more responsive to our customers.

    David Atkinson,  Head of Product Strategy,  Redgate

  • We use RevDeBug with one of our solutions to record bugs while testing. It’s an interesting alternative for traditional debugging and I see it’s great potential for making fixing bugs quicker.

    Szymon Szczepański,  Software Architect and Team Leader,  Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Track quality of releases, simplify testing

Keep control over every release

  • Create a fast feedback loop between testers and dev teams throughout development cycle
  • Automatically document failed tests and errors. Make every failure actionable and easy to debug
  • Increase release velocity and deploy high quality, error-free software
  • Prioritize high-impact fixes and reduce wasted development time
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Accelerate cloud migration

App modernization made easy

  • Understand current architecture, discover dependencies and plan better cloud migration
  • Hybrid cloud monitoring – easily troubleshoot integration and migration errors
  • Prepare yourself for change and reduce technology debt
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Build more perfect software

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