Full DevOps Observability Platform

Full visibility across all environments: on-premise, cloud, and containerized or remote client devices.
Record production failures in real-time and fix them in seconds.
Fix Fast or Die!

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Used on daily basis by:

Used by Redgate
Used by HPE
Used by Amcon Soft

My team uses RevDeBug for all those elusive and hard to reproduce bugs – it speeds up the time to diagnose issues, allowing us to be much more responsive to our customers.
David Atkinson, Head of Product Strategy, Redgate

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Fastest root cause analysis

Always on flight recorder for software failures. Reverse debugging to execute rapidly to the root cause.

Available infree version

Self Healing DevOps Pipeline

Automatic detection, rollback, and redeployment of production failures in minutes.

One click installer for CI and cloud environments

Deploy in minutes in any environment. Easily integrates into your CI pipeline including major cloud production environments like AWS & Azure.

Always-on Recording with zero performance impact

Record every application crash, capture all errors, exceptions and abnormal behaviors.

Business metrics

See in real-time how many users are affected by the software error, and what the financial impact is to your business. Prioritize effectively.

Automatic reproduction of failure

No more manual reproduction of test or production failures.

Already available for:

Available for .NetCore
Available for Java
Available for AWS Serverless
Available for Azure
Available for AWS
Available for Kubernetes
Available for Docker
Available for Unity
Available for .NET framework
Available for Azure Serverless
Available for Xamarin