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Application Performance Monitoring

Monitor all your services in real time and instantly discover the root cause of any issue.


Get full visibility into your infrastructure performance with a suite of built-in tools

Visualize your services by mapping out every dependency and seeing the whole picture.


Monitoring that matches your needs

Use every trace, log and metric to understand what is happening in your system. Store as much data as you need without additional licensing cost on on-premise infrastructure or in your cloud tenant.


Get notified about performance issues before they affect your users

Easily set up automated alerts to discover any errors and solve them before they impact user experience. Get notified in tools you currently use, including Slack, Teams and ELK. 

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  • My team uses RevDeBug for all those elusive and hard to reproduce bugs—it speeds up the time to diagnose issues, allowing us to be much more responsive to our customers.

    David Atkinson,  Head of Product Strategy,  Redgate

  • We implemented the tool on the patient portal first, keeping in mind the need to maintain the availability of the self-service interface, for instance to book appointments and telephone consultations, renew prescriptions, talk to the doctors or check test results online.

    Jarosław Wójciński,  Head of IT Development,  LUX MED

  • We use RevDeBug with one of our solutions to record bugs while testing. It’s an interesting alternative for traditional debugging and I see its great potential for makign fixing bugs quicker.

    Szymon Szczepański,  Software Architect and Team Leader,  Hewlett Packard Enterprise

See the full picture of your system with actionable dashboards

Observe your applications performance in real time and identify anomalies the moment they appear.


Build more perfect software

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