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Error Tracking

See more than just a list of errors. Go back in time and replay a video of what went wrong with your code using RevDeBug’s patented Flight Recorder technology.


Error tracking with RevDeBug

Go deeper than with any other error tracking tool

Get detailed recordings of the root cause of an error as it occurred on the backend and frontend, with no noticeable delay, using our Record and Replay technology. No more manual error tracking—see all the values of all variables for each line of code without any extra coding. 


Instantly resolve any bugs in your code across the entire system

Track any error in seconds, without the need for guesswork or reproduction, on test and production environments, both on premise and in cloud infrastructure.


Get real-time, automated alerts to resolve issues as they arise

Easily set up automated alerts to discover any errors and solve them before they impact user experience. Get notified in tools you currently use, including Slack, Teams and ELK. 


Build more perfect software

Simple to set up. Simple to use. Try RevDeBug for free and increase reliability of your software.