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My first month at RevDeBug


By Maja Stasiewicz

A month ago I started working at RevDeBug, was it worth it?

Definitely yes! I love creative and diverse activities, so I fit in perfectly here. Already after such a short time of work I see my development and how much I can learn here, how much knowledge I can gain. Not to mention the people that I work with. When I was at the first offline meeting, I had a chance to meet the RevDeBug team. To this day, I remember my gratitude during the meeting, when I had the opportunity to see in person what wonderful people I am working with. I am immensely happy and grateful that I came across such a great and cohesive team. 

During the first month of work, I mainly focused on creating publications on social media, which gave me a lot of pleasure, because I have always liked creating such things as articles, or writing books. That’s why I feel very comfortable with it. It’s also great that despite, let’s say mainly, humanistic tasks, I still have contact with IT-related issues all the time, so I could say that I somehow combine my passions.

Apart from articles, I focused on client communication as well as on social media analysis regarding the effectiveness of certain marketing concepts. It was definitely something new for me, but I found myself in this area and I know that the experience I gain here will be very useful in the future. This is a very valuable experience because I am gaining skills not only related to content creation but also to data analysis and understanding the effectiveness of marketing strategies. This diversity of tasks allows me to develop in various areas. I also really like that from the very beginning, my ideas were often taken into account and I had the opportunity to implement them in terms of, for example, publications. And that’s one aspect of this company that really drew me in – their remarkable openness.

Excluding internships and summer jobs not necessarily related to IT, this is my first serious job. I still can’t believe my luck that the first place I landed turned out to be such a wonderful space for development. Everyone is very friendly, willing to help, and open. Personally, a plus for me is also remote work; I definitely fit into this form, especially since my family home is practically at the other end of Poland, so I won’t hide that this is a huge advantage. However, I am glad that from time to time there are offline meetings where we can play chess and talk. Despite many advantages of remote work, I strongly value face-to-face meetings and team integration.

I heard about RevDeBug from a colleague of mine. I started reading more and learning about what they do both in terms of IT and social media. I also liked the vision of work both in this company and generally in a startup. Opinions about startups vary, but personally, I like to develop in many areas, and startups are the perfect place for what they call “wearing multiple hats”. Moreover, I am fascinated by the dynamics of work in such an environment, where ideas can quickly turn into actions, and everyone has the opportunity to make a significant contribution. In RevDeBug, I see an opportunity to develop my skills as well as to contribute to something innovative.

In summary, my experiences in my new job are very positive and promising. I think I have found myself perfectly in an environment that definitely supports my development. I have been working at RevDeBug for a relatively short time, but at the moment, I wouldn’t change this workplace for any other, and I believe that longer work will only strengthen my conviction. I still can’t believe that right at the beginning of my career path, I ended up in such a place, and it was really like winning the lottery.


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