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Finding and fixing errors looks the same almost from the beginning of programming. Look into the code, spend hours on debugging and guess possible fixes. Redeploy with additional logs and fixes and try to replicate the critical path. It's even harder with new technologies like serverless, cloud functions and apps running on Docker & Kubernetes. It's like a wild goose chase which takes up from 50 up to 75% of developers time. Remember those hours spend on analyzing code that was never executed?

RevDeBug solves all of that issues with simple Record & Replay. You can be ready in less than 15 minutes and solve the most thoughts errors in minutes and hours, not days and weeks. Companies using RevDeBug can cut time spent on finding and fixing software errors by half, which significantly reduce time to market for new features and time needed to resolve all defects - even the most challenging ones.



It speeds up.
Time-to-market can be shortened.

Don't you want to provide new functionalities faster, do you?. What if your developers spend much less time on looking for bugs and instead develop new features? Let's also cut some testing time due to better communication between testers and developers. With RevDeBug you can cut debugging time by half and streamline communication about bugs between teams delivering your new features faster.

It teaches.
New developers onboarding.

You need new developers to join the project team. They have to learn the code with which they are to work as soon as possible. Meanwhile, your application has hundreds of thousands of lines and a long development history. With RevDeBug, every new team member can track the actual application execution code without wasting time analyzing never-used structures and functions.

Luis Valles
Software Developer, Davinci Codes
DaVinci Codes

I love how helpful RevDeBug is when observing threads in projects that make use of multithreading. I can open a recording and go through each iteration to see what was happening when I was running an application. RevDeBug allows a great degree of customization and control of what and when I want to record. With the status panel and the methods of the API that it comes with.


It proves. 
Did you ever hear: It works on my machine? or: It's not a bug it's a feature. 

Documenting software errors takes time and could be painful. And by the way it is not easy to tell what really happened: “You know my screen start to blink and then became black for just few seconds. And now everything is fine” - does that sound convincing? With RevDeBug software failures are recorded. Playback of such a recording enables full analysis of what went wrong.

It automates.
Automated testing - let us automate documenting bugs too.

You run dozens, hundreds, thousands or more of automated tests daily and from time to time some of them fail? It could be really difficult to find the cause after you finish full batch. By connecting RevDeBug to your own error handling, you can collect recordings from all failed tests. Playing the recordings will allow analyzing the causes of errors.

Szymon Szczepański - Software Architect and Team Leader, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Szymon Szczepański
Software Architect and Team Leader, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

We use RevDeBug with one of our solutions to record bugs while testing. It’s an interesting alternative for traditional debugging and I see it’s great potential for making fixing bugs quicker.


It finds.
Isn't it really confusing how to catch a bug on production?

The most costly software errors happens on production. And they are by far most difficult to find. When other techniques seems to be obsolete you can use RevDeBug. RevDeBug recordings taken on remote environments helps to catch even very unique root causes for the most malicious bugs. Bug? Pinned.

It indicates.
Finding the “weakest link” in software ecosystem.

Most of the systems do not work alone. They are connected to the bigger ecosystems shaping our processes and exchanging data. With RevDeBug you can track the propagation of error between cooperating systems. This way you will finally find the root cause right in the system when it came from.

David Atkinson - Head of Product Strategy, Redgate
David Atkinson
Head of Product Strategy, Redgate

My team uses RevDeBug for all those elusive and hard to reproduce bugs – it speeds up the time to diagnose issues, allowing us to be much more responsive to our customers.

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