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Time Machine for .NET Renamed to RevDeBug


The new reverse debugger which records and replays the development process, allowing developers to travel back in time to the moment when errors in the code, appear has undergone a name change. Time Machine for .NET will henceforth be known as RevDebug. No worries however, RevDebug ‘s functionality remains exactly same as that of Time Machine for .NET.

Time Machine for .NET was the name used for the duration of the private beta, and after receiving feedback from hundreds of early access users, the decision was made to make the change to RevDeBug. The RevDeBug team listens to users and takes their feedback into account for everything we do.

In addition, given that the Reverse Debugger has been in high demand for platforms outside of .NET, removing that ambiguity simply made sense from a long term perspective. RevDebug will be available on other developer platforms soon.

Winners of Raffled License Keys will be pleased to note that their prizes are still valid for the duration given, and they may continue to use the reverse debugger to all but eliminate the time it takes to find problems in the code.

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