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Software developer: A craftsman or a code monkey?


Engineering and Art while having fun working.

The Polish Tax Office treats software engineers exactly like artists. They recognize the creative work that software engineers do, or so the work writing source code is viewed as, from tax point of view, like a writing a poem or painting a canvas.

But good software development is not exactly like art, it’s rather craft because it produces a result that is both functional and beautiful. Yet, do we recognize it as such? Daily standups, monthly, quarterly and yearly releases train planning make us focus on goals to achieve. When was last time when we wrote code just for the fun of creating something? When we experimented, not knowing if we can even achieve what we wanted? But we have done it anyway. Maybe if you work in an R&D department you can make it happen more often than not, but you are always confined in your experimentation.

Everyone needs, from time to time, to express themselves, to create just for the sake of creating, to meet other like-minded people and clash our ideas and opinions. That’s why we, in RevDeBug’s team, like to involve ourselves in various community meetups, educational events and hackathons. In those places, where ideas flows freely and new ones are conceived, one can really get the sense of creating without constraint.

This month we were involved in quite a few of such events.

First, in cooperation with a few other IT houses from our IT Cluster in Bydgoszcz, we organized a hackathon in our home city.

Second, in cooperation with City Hall we organized a competition for young software engineers where the prize was an internship for the best ones. It worked like a charm and the best are with us now! :-)

As we like to share our knowledge and pass the IT bug onto others, I had the honour to participate in a course for students of Casimir the Great University where in a year they created a cool IT solution of their own design. Each students’ team had been assigned a mentor from IT industry and after a year’s worth of work they presented the results in a pitch like form before the University governors, local media, fellow students and were judged by industry representatives.

This year, the team supported by RevDeBug won. Congratulations!

And we won’t settle on it as just today I already have met with a new team for next year’s course. I hope that also this time I’ll be able to implant within them this creativebug, the urge to explore and create, the continuous pursuit of excellence in the craft. Being more like a craftsman than just a code monkey.

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