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RevDeBug: Saving Developers Time


More opportunities present themselves when less time is spent looking for bugs.

Instead of running applications in test environments, to locate the source of an error, RevDeBug records a compilation of an entire program. Recording every line of code, every runtime error and feature. This data is sent to Visual Studio, where you can view the program in a range of formats. For programs with multiple threads, you can easily move backwards and forwards through time.

Within this control panel, developers can move through each line of code and see exactly how it was executed and what were the values. More complex problems that are often more misleading will be easier to identify. Since every line of code and every value is visible, finding root causes of bugs and identifying how to fix them creates a significant time saving on traditional methods.

We are confident from our experience - and field trials with customers - that RevDeBug will be an essential tool for .NET developers. Bug fixing has simply never been this fast.

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Above illustration is made available under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

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