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Fix issues faster and increase team efficiency

Finding and fixing errors looks the same almost from the beginning of programming. Look into the code, spend hours on debugging and guess possible fixes. Redeploy with additional logs and fixes and try to replicate the critical path. It's even harder with new technologies like serverless, cloud functions and apps running on Docker & Kubernetes. It's like a wild goose chase which takes up from 50 up to 75% of developers time. Remember those hours spend on analyzing code that was never executed?

RevDeBug solves all of that issues with simple Record & Replay. You can be ready in less than 15 minutes and solve the most thoughts errors in minutes & hours, not days and weeks. Companies using RevDeBug can cut time spent on finding and fixing software errors by half, which significantly reduce time to market for new features and time needed to resolve all defects - even the most challenging ones.

Track health of your apps

At a glance see where errors are occurring. Decide which projects requires your attention. Use  Microsoft Teams integration to get notifications about the newest issues and solve problems faster.

Error impact monitoring

Track errors occurring across releases and geographies. Understand which issues are impacting your users and which are the most critical. Prioritize your work and assign engineers to solve them.

Automatic error recording

Get into each error details. Automatically record all issues impacting your users. Use RevDeBug API to adjust recordings to your needs. Go beyond simple stack trace where traditional tools end their work.

Record & Replay!

Use our patented technology behind Record & Replay mechanism to find the root cause of each error. Get details of code execution that led to a crash and resolve your issues in minutes and hours, not days and weeks.

Perfectly solve issues for systems using:


We have decided to change the process of bug location from iterative guess working to simple two steps - record and replay. We integrate very closely with your systems and record the execution of code like the flight recorders on the plane. Playback of such a recording enables full analysis of situations causing errors. RevDeBug can record both applications running on enterprise premises and in any cloud.

Increasing availability and reliability of IT systems

We are rapidly accelerating the process of locating and repairing errors on test & production environments, both on-premise and in cloud infrastructure.

Instant identification of the root causes of failure

No matter on production or in test environment. With RevDeBug you can find the root cause much faster.

Finding the "weakest link" for cooperating systems

Finding the root cause of failure within the chain of cooperating systems could be problematic. With RevDeBug you can quickly find this "weakest link".

Speeding up time-to-market for new functionalities

We are shortening both the development time and testing time thanks to faster bug detection and easier communication between team members.

Increasing productivity of development teams

Searching and fixing errors can take up to 60% of developers’ working time. RevDeBug reduces it by half, which directly leads to significant productivity increase.

Mitigating risks

Having more predictabilty in the software development and delivery process you are more in control and able to mitigate risks (budgets increases, missed deadlines, contractual penalties, regulatory risks).

Looking for error monitoring, support for .NET, JAVA, serverless and cloud apps? Check out how RevDeBug can help your team.

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Szymon Szczepański
Software Architect and Team Leader, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Szymon Szczepański
Software Architect and Team Leader, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

We use RevDeBug with one of our solutions to record bugs while testing. It’s an interesting alternative for traditional debugging and I see it’s great potential for making fixing bugs quicker.

David Atkinson
Head of Product Strategy, Redgate
David Atkinson
Head of Product Strategy, Redgate

My team uses RevDeBug for all those elusive and hard to reproduce bugs – it speeds up the time to diagnose issues, allowing us to be much more responsive to our customers.

Leszek Lewandowski
Head of the .NET Development Team, BSB
Leszek Lewandowski
Head of the .NET Development Team, BSB

With such a complicated program, normally I would have searched the cause for at least 5 days. With RevDeBug it took me 2 hours.

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