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New Year’s Update


Great End to a Great Year

At the beginning of the year many recap the previous one. We too have decided to follow.

After two years in development, breaking many perceived barriers on the .NET platform, 2016th was the year when we first revealed RevDeBug to the general public.

Early access inaugurated in March’2016 resulted in a great deal of valuable feedback. We sponsored and participated in many meetups around the world which also were great opportunities to ping pongour ideas.

Leaving early access we have changed the name, as some people had mistaken us for orchard fruit company and our product with a backup solution. Now it best reflects what it is we do.

Taking advantage of the moment we would like to thank our most patient early access feedback contributors to whom we’ll be sending one year licenses of RevDeBug. Among those, in no particular order, are:

  • Sean Dorsett
  • Zeeshan Meghji
  • Erik Molnar
  • Daniel Behrens
  • Joshua Winfree
  • Chris Sonon
  • Brian Madsen

It was really productive and fun year with lots of feedback and discussions. It took us by surprise that among all these different cultures, languages and timezones, we humble software engineers, are so much more similar than we could have ever known. Using the same tools, struggling with the same day to day problems and wasting much of our time replicating bugs we fix, usually with three or five lines of code. It got us even more motivated to extend and develop RevDeBug, and to cover even more .NET enabled platforms.

Kamil Kupcewicz

Kamil Kupcewicz

Via managing many projects with millions lines of code, Kamil now makes the cogs in RevDeBug turn.

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