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How to activate RevDeBug


Using RevDeBug, developers save valuable time and resources by quickly finding the cause of software bugs when they occur in the code. In order to gain early access to RevDeBug, the new reverse debugger that acts as a plugin to Microsoft Visual Studio, you’ll need to download and activate it.

After signing up for early access, you should within 24 hours get an email notification from us. The title of the email will be “RevDeBug. You are one step away from Time Traveling”. If you didn’t get it, check your spam box just in case it found its way there.

The email will have a license file attached. This is your personal license; meaning it can be only used once and by you. Save the file to the disk, and head over to the RevDeBug download link which will also be found in the email.

After reading and accepting the user license agreement, proceed to the download. Save the installation file to the disk and run it. You will be prompted to accept the license agreement once again just before it installs on your computer.

Notice: If you happened to have Visual Studio open when you installed RevDeBug, close it and open it again.

Upon opening Visual Studio you’ll see the RevDeBug Menu at the top and from there will need to activate RevDeBug. This is the point you’ll need the license file. Go to the “about” section in the RevDeBug menu and click the load license file. After locating and loading the license file it will tell you the licenses is good for 30 days.

Happy Time Traveling!

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