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How to activate RevDeBug - Guide


In this post, we'll detail how to install and activate RevDeBug and become a Time Traveler.

NAME EXPLANATION: We had to choose a new name for our reverse debugger because there's already a backup utility called similarly made by "some fruit company". Now our debugger is proudly called RevDeBug.

First off you need to visit If you've already received a license key as a prize or otherwise, you need to fill the "Product Key" field with a Product key you were given. Also, include your personal info in the required fields. You will then receive an email, where you'll find next step after you press ACTIVATE LICENSE. Check the graphics below for the visuals.

License activation form

License activation thanks screen

Login on to your email account. In Your Inbox you'll see a message named: "You're one step away from time traveling! ;)" with attached file LICENSE.DAT and instructions for downloading the application. This is how the email looks like:

License activation email part #1

On the second image you can see the red button for "Download". Please press it and download the LICENSE.DAT on your HDD.

License activation email part #2

Here you can see your informations like Product key and date of expire. Also, contact information.

License activation email part #3

When you click the red download button, you will be moved to another page where you can easily become a user of "RevDeBug".

EULA page

Save it on your hard drive and just run installation.

Installer window - license Installer window - progress bar

When your installation is done we are going to move forward...

Ok! So, now please login on your email account and in inbox You will have email with LICENSE.DAT file. If it’s not, check “spam” folder. You need to download file on Your hard drive.

In this place please run Visual Studio. As you can see there is a new menu item: REVDEBUG. Please expand it. It will show you all RevDeBug menus. Select About... from the bottom and click it. You will see that your copy of RevDeBug is not activated.

RevDeBug menu in Visual Studio

Click Load license file... and choose LICENSE.DAT file you've downloaded before.

RevDeBug about window

Success! That's how you became Time Traveler! This is valid for 365 days, so please operate our application. We hope you enjoy it!

If there are any issues, please let us know!
Also, we would be very grateful for your feedback on using RevDeBug.

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