Application monitoring and debugging tool that makes the difference between disaster and recovery when it matters most

For a large enterprise, an hour of downtime due to critical application failure typically costs $0.5 million to $1 million and the majority of these incidents last several hours.
RevDeBug helps eliminate downtimes, so you can sleep well.

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Don’t debug – replay

According to developer productivity research (University of Cambridge, 2013), reverse debugging technology has been found to reduce debugging time by 26%, in effect reducing total programming time by 13% and saving each developer about 116 hours per year.

As 1 in 3 application developers find that most bugs in production systems are caused by the difficulty of fully recreating production conditions in testing environments, RevDeBug runtime logging solution prove instrumental in substantially reducing system downtime by enabling root cause analysis of system failure without the effort of replicating the bug’s conditions.

Value for your organisation

Developers can step back and forth through the runtime recording of program. RevDeBug makes debugging dramatically faster and much less frustrating.

We make communication between testers and developers dramatically more efficient and effective, avoiding the usual overheads of preparing lengthy instructions, complicated test data, simulated user environment, or added diagnostic code to replicate the problem.

In this way, our tools greatly reduce the workload associated with continuous integration testing.

By always recording deployed applications and automatically submitting error recordings for resolution, we eliminate the time consuming hassle of support engineers and drive down resolution times.

Record and distribute sessions

RevDeBug’s core feature is recording debugging sessions locally and remotely, including live (production) environments.

By enabling developers to step forward and backward through the runtime recording of program execution, our tools make debugging dramatically faster and much less frustrating. Hence, developers spend more time on delivering new features rather than fixing old code, especially when dealing with legacy code written by others, inadequate internal documentation, or insufficient automated testing. Our tools foster accurate estimation, effective team collaboration, and improved developer on-boarding.

Ready for the Cloud

Software failures annually cost the global economy more than $1.1 trillion. Yet, root cause analysis of software failure largely remains as inefficient and ineffective today as in the days before the Internet. As enterprise systems are now moving into the cloud, increasingly adopting a microservices architecture with dozens of interdependent processes distributed across different servers, the uptime reliability of these systems is critically dependent on the cloud based debugging tools that developers can employ. RevDeBug is the next generation of debugging technology, ready for the specific needs of cloud computing.

More happy customers

Your developers work on features rather than bugs, increasing the product portfolio’s strength. Support is more agile than ever, effortlessly identifying the root cause of every new issue right when it arrives.

By enabling problems to be easily reported and quickly investigated before they escalate into critical failures, we help our clients to earn and keep the trust of their customers. Our tools defend against the undiagnosed defects that may lead to a catastrophic downtime incident, a delayed release schedule, an SLA violation penalty, a security breach, a bad review, a lost sale, or a canceled contract. When time to market is critical, our tools can deliver the reliability essential for a successful product launch.