RevDeBug Docs and Release notes

Release notes


VS Extension Updates Overview

New: C# 8.0 now supported

New: RevDeBug API support is here, enabling you to pinpoint situations for exact recordings. Example of use: you can attach RevDeBug to your “Report Error” button in your Java app, and you’ll get an entire recording from the user, instead of a mere screenshot!

DevOps Monitor Updates Overview

New: Logs are visible directly in DevOps monitor. There is no longer need to directly access server logs on docker/hosting services, or wait for Server Admin to check them for you! No more commands needed!

New: Now you can define the data retention settings directly from DevOps Monitor web site.New: You can choose the default recording options directly from DevOps Monitor, no need to open extension.

New: You can choose if you wanted duplicated entries to be recorded and how much of them do you want to be recorded. This means that if one user has the same error that other user already had, you can choose to only receive a notification about an error, and not get flooded with additional recordings!

New: Now crash-records can be viewed directly from DevOps monitor. You can also choose which recordings you want to delete.

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