Standalone Recorder

Where can I find and how to install the RevDeBug Standalone Recorder?

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Last edited: 04 Nov 2019

RevDeBug Standalone Recorder introduction

The RevDeBug Standalone Recorder is a tool made especially for testers and testing purposes. It is a main product that comes with the Test Suite Enterprise license. Compared to the IDE Extension, it has a simplified interface with only the most important functionalities. Because when it comes to testing, most of the time only the recording of an error is important.

If you are interested in obtaining a Standalone Recorder application, please shoot us an email at or book a meeting


Onc you get a hold of RevDeBug Standalone Recorder, locate the RevDeBugProxy.exe file and double-click it. In tray of your operating system you should notice a little RevDeBug icon:

Now if you double-click this icon, you should get a similar view:

Now if any application is running with RevDeBug on your production environment, you will see it here. The same goes with applications in development. If your application has been build with RevDeBug and it is running, you will see it also.

Notice, how you can control the recording:

  • you can pause and resume the recording
  • take a snapshot - a short recording of 1000 events of your application
  • change the recording mode