Get your Organization ID and invite team members to RevDeBug DevOps Monitor

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Last edited: 04 Nov 2019


With RevDeBug Test Suite and Production Suite license you are receiving an access to organizations features, which allow you to share information about errors at your projects within your team members.

To gain the access, aquire the RevDeBug Enterprise License and login at RevDeBug User Panel.

In the panel you will see a demo organization. Feel free to use it.

Creating a new organization

You can create how many organization you wish. Simply click on the “Create a new organization” button and start adding members!

Adding team members

To invite another users to your organization, open the specific organization view and click Add user button from the right corner .

A team member will receive an email invitation to your organization. After claming the invitation by them, you will be able to assign to your team members RevDeBug licenses, but remember - you can’t assign the license to somebody who already have an active license.

Are all of your development team members already assigned to your organization?

Organization ID

One of the most important piece of data you can get from RevDeBug Portal is the RevDeBug ID Access Hash known also as the Server Code. It is crucial during the installation of the RevDeBug DevOps Monitor or connecting your IDE Extension to the DevOps Monitor

Every organization created gets a unique hash, which is available under the Server code button. Along with the instruction how to use it to install a RevDeBug DevOps Monitor on your server. Organization Access Hash