DevOps Monitor Configuration

How to configure the RevDeBug DevOps Monitor server

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Last edited: 29 Apr 2020

There are some ways in which you can configure RevDeBug DevOps Monitor server. If you want to change the configuration at any point, you need to go to Global Settings -> Server Settings page.

Recording Options section

In this section you can choose default behavior for recording new applications.

Continuous default mode - with this option you can change the default recording mode in which your applications will be recorded. The possible values are:

  • standby - standby mode, which means that nothing will be recorded until you change the recording mode manually through RevDeBug IDE Extension
  • crash - crash recording mode, in which only the recording of a crash and preceding events will be made
  • live - live recording mode - everything will be recorded right from the start

OnEvent deduplication - with deduplication mechanism only limited number of recordings will be recorded for each crash. For example when subset of your users will get same exception, you will download recording only from the first one (or first X users) saving your disc space and your users bandwidth.

OnEvent recordings count - you can decide how many recordings you want to get for each crash, before deduplication mechanism will come into play.

Data Retention section

In this section you can menage frequency of cleaning old recordings from repository.

Metadata retention period - metadata files are generated when you are building application with RevDeBug. Required to open recordings. Choose for how many days Record Server should keep them. Set -1 if you don’t want Metadata files to be automatically cleaned.

Recordings retention period - choose for how many days Record Server should keep Recordings. Set -1 if you don’t want Recordings to be automatically cleaned.

Recordings retention size(GB) - choose max cumulative size of all recordings, after which Record Server will delete them starting from the oldests.