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Get to know RevDeBug Products - DevOps Monitor, IDE Extension, Standalone Recorder

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Last edited: 04 Nov 2019

RevDeBug DevOps Monitor

RevDeBug DevOps Monitor is a part of Enterprise Production Suite. Beloved by managers - brings to your web browser all the necessary information about your application. For example:

  1. How it behaves on production?
  2. What are the most critical errors?
  3. How many users use a particular version of your application? In which countries are they located?
  4. What versions of the application is the most error prone?
  5. What version you need to rollback to?

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RevDeBug IDE Extension

RevDeBug IDE Extension is a package of features available right in your IDE. Useful when you are coding and testing your application, as well as, when you are analysing how your application works on production. RevDeBug IDE Extension is not only useful for bug fixing, it also helps you in the understanding of your code. Reverse debugging allows for a detailed inspection of how your code works. Standard debugging tools defined three actions: step-in, step-over and step-out. Beside that, RevDeBug allows you to also travel in the opposite direction. For more detailed information visit this chapter.

RevDeBug Standalone Recorder

RevDeBug Standalone Recorder - Testers’ best friend. Lightweight, doesn’t need IDE or any special configuration. Allows testers to quickly record bugs and to send them to developers right away.