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What exactly is this DevOps Observability Platform and what does it give you

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RevDeBug is a Full DevOps Observability Platform. But what does it mean exactly? It means, that this tool has been build for all IT people - either you are a developer, manager or DevOps engineer - you can benefit from RevDeBug just the same.

RevDeBug is a complex solution, that is easy to use, and is irreplaceble in case of a crash. Just like a black box on an airplane - RevDeBug flies with your application, and gathers all parameters and details to determine what caused the accident. Not only that - RevDeBug will also show you what happend right on your CODE. Line by line. Sounds interesting?

Imagine this situation - you got a notice from your client, that there is something off with your application. Client says, that there is some bad data, that he didn’t do anything, it just stopped working correctly. You or your developers are trying to reproduce the issue. But everything seems fine. It works on your machine. And the endless cycle of emails and phone calls with your client begins. Everyone is on their toes.

Sounds familiar?

With RevDeBug this situtation could be handled differently - you got a notice from your client, that there is something off with your application. And you already know about this. You have seen, that there is an issue on your RevDeBug DevOps Monitor. You have already seen the impact of it, your developers have a line-by-line recording of what happend in code. What values your user got, and why your application crashed. You can tell your client, that fix is on the way.

Or, even better - your application has been tested with RevDeBug. And faulty release never-ever got to the production stage - your developers fixed this error before.

RevDeBug DevOps Observability Platform consists of three components: DevOps Monitor, IDE Extension and Standalone Recorder. They can be used either alone, or together.