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API Installation

What is this RevDeBug API and how can you use it in your application

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Last edited: 04 Nov 2019

RevDeBug API is a tool for special tasks. Can be even used without any IDE! In the following chapters you will learn how to use its main features. For example how to:

  • record handled exceptions with Crash Recorder’s Snapshots
  • implement a “Record At Will” button in your application
  • record object properties
  • implement a “Report Issue” button, that will send you a Snapshot Recording

To install RevDeBug API you need to add RevDeBug.BuildTools NuGet package to your application.

RevDeBug.BuildTools package comes with RevDeBug.Api.dll. We need to add a reference to this library. To do this, open your project’s .csproj file and at the top of first <ItemGroup> add the following lines:


  <!--  <ItemGroup> -->
<Reference Include="RevDeBug.Api">
<!--  other references -->

And, this is VERY important, rebuild your application.