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DevOps Monitor Installation

How to set up DevOps Monitor

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Recommended specification of the server:

  • System: Docker container host environment (self-hosted: Linux / Cloud environment: Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS)
  • Memory: 32 GB+
  • HD (free space): SSD 100 GB+ (SATA III)
  • Processor: i7 4 x vCore(s) 3 GHz+
  • Network: Wired LAN Gigabit Ethernet
  • Network access to source control repository
  • Open ports 42733, 42734, 80, 443, 5000

First two of the listed ports allow for a connection between your application and RevDeBug DevOps Monitor server component. Port 5000 is needed to open the access to a web client.

Installation on Docker

First, download the RevDeBug DevOps Monitor docker image:

sudo docker pull

Next, run this command to set-up all variables and run the container:

sudo docker run -d --name rdb_server_node -p 42733-42734:42733-42734 -p 5000:5000 -v /var/revdebug/server/repo:/app/RevDeBug:rw -e REVDEBUG_AUTH='[RevDeBug ID Access Hash]' -e CONTINUOUS_CONNECTION_STARTUP_MODE='crash'

There are two fields, that require your attention:

  • REVDEBUG_AUTH - fill this field with organization code from your portal. For more information about RevDeBug Portal visit this chapter
  • CONTINUOUS_CONNECTION_STARTUP_MODE - defines the default mode in which your applications are going to be recorded, when connected to this server. You can choose either of this modes:
    • standby - in this mode the recordings won’t start automatically - you will need to change it manually through the VS Extension
    • crash - lightweight mode in which your applications will only send recordings, when an error occures
    • live - creates heavy-loded recordings of everything happening in the application

Of course, you can change the recording mode of a specific application at will during runtime. For this you will need either:

And that’s it. Your server is up and running!

Installation on Azure

RevDeBug supports Azure Platform based pre-configured installer for the RevDeBug Server. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that allows to manage applications and services on the Microsoft data centers.

To use this functionality use the button below:

Next, choose your preferred Resource group and type in RevDeBug ID access hash into the Organization Id field. If you do not have your Organization ID, get one from the RevDeBug Portal or read how to get one