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How to start with RevDeBug

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RevDeBug is a Full DevOps Observability platform that allows you to get a hand on approach on monitoring your applications in case of errors and performance. Either you test your application before release, making it error-less, or you release your application with RevDeBug, making it inform you by itself that something is wrong, before your customer even realises - it is a tool to get ahead of your competitors in case of speed of error fixing.

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There are only three steps to start with RevDeBug:

  1. Create your organization in RevDeBug Portal:

    With Portal you can create as many organisations as you wish and invite new members to them. They allow you to install The DevOps Monitor. How to create an organization is described in this chapter

  2. Install DevOps Monitor:

    RevDeBug DevOps Monitor is a part of Enterprise Production Suite. Beloved by managers - brings to your web browser all the necessary information about your application. To install DevOps Monitor read this chapter

  3. Build your application with RevDeBug:

You can build your application using the Continous Integration servers like Jenkins, TeamCity, Microsoft TFS, etc, or you can use our Visual Studio Extension.
To build your java applications read this chapter.