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RevDeBug Set up

How to set up RevDeBug - Installation process

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Last edited: 18 Apr 2019

Download RevDeBug

First thing you want to do, is to download RevDeBug from Visual Studio Marketplace. You can go directly to this link or download it through your IDE. Click on TOOLS > Extensions and Updates > Online, search for RevDeBug and click “Download” Download RevDeBug

Install RevDeBug

Once RevDeBug has been downloaded and VS has restarted itself, you will see the RevDeBug Startup page. From this place you can create your RevDeBug account to activate the extension features. Or, if you already have an account, simply log in.


Some of RevDeBug powers are forever free. The only condition to use them is registering inside RevDeBug login panel, which you may find at Visual Studio after the installation process.

Thanks to registering you not only receiving access to all RevDeBug free features but also to 14 days of full version trial.

And that’s all! RevDeBug is ready to work!

Activate RevDeBug license

After a purchase of RevDeBug license you will receive an email with RevDeBug license keys. To activate them login to RevDeBug at Visual Studio.

Go to RevDeBug tool window >> Open settings >> About >> Change product key >> Copy your license key from email and change key

RevDeBugging in teams - organizations explained

With a developer & enterprise RevDeBug license you are receiving an access to organizations features, which enables you to share information about errors at your projects within a team members.

How to add a team members to your organization?

To add your team members, login at RevDeBug User Panel.

Create a new organization, . Choose it from your organizations list and add a new user .

A team member will receive an email invitation to your organization. After claming the invitation by them, you will be able to assign to your team members RevDeBug licenses, but remember - you can't assign the license to somebody who already have an active license.

Are all of your development team members assigned to your organization?

Let's go to the configuration of RevDeBug server!