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Save and Share

In this section of the tutorial you will be able to get familiar with the RevDeBug core features

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Last edited: 24 Jun 2020

With RevDeBug you can save your recordings and share them with others! For example in the testing environment

And this is how it works for local and remote environments:

Remote environment

If you record your application on production, the recording will be saved on the RevDeBug Server. From there it can be easily accessed by everyone connected to this server!

Process of downloading remote recordings looks the same like loading local recording (shown in previous chapter).

Local environment

If you get hold of a recording from different source (like another developer), you have to import it to your Visual Studio. It is as easy as following three steps of Import Wizard. You can access it through RevDeBug Menu (RevDeBug > Import Wizard).

This Wizard will guide you through entering paths to three necessary files: * recording * its metadata * its source file

Recording and metadata files are generated while compiling a program with RevDeBug. They are usually placed in Documents > RevDeBug > project_name with following extenstions: * .tmox for the recording file * .tmsx for the metadata

No worries! Most of the time the Wizard will find everything by itself. It will only popup if for some reason, RevDeBug coudn't find one or more of needed files.