Historical Values

In this section of the tutorial you will be able to get fimiliar with the RevDeBug core features

Estimated reading time: 2-5 minutes

Variable values called Prompts are always displayed straight above corresponding instructions. 600_variable_state.png

To see all variables in the current scope, open Variables window through RevDeBug Menu (RevDeBug > Variables). 601_menu_variables.png

Here you can see all the variables with their current and previous values. 602_variables_view.png

Click on icon of two arrows 603_two_arrows.png to get a list of all the recorded values of a single variable. 604_variables_view_values.png

Click two times on one of these values, to jump to the state (i.e. exact moment in time) it was set or read. 605_variables_search_value.png

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