Selective recording - Data Masking

Protect sensitive data in your application

If you were ever worried, that RevDeBug will record some sensitive data, you shouldn't be now. With Data Masking you can hide anything, you want. It can be done in two ways - globally or per project. If you want to set up global rules for hiding data, open RevDeBug Compiler folder. You can easly access it through RevDeBug Menu (RevDeBug > Advanced > Open RevDeBug Compiler Folder). 1500_menu_compiler_folder.png

Now, open the global.rdbbuildignore file. Here you can see some predefined rules, and define your own. Remember, that every new one should be written in new line.

If you want to define the rules per project, you have to create project_name.rdbbuildignore file in your project's solution. 1501_create_rdbbuildignore.png

Then open it's properties and change the first one - Build Action - to AdditionalFiles. Now, similarly as in the global.rdbbuildignore file, you can write rules for hiding your data.

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