With Exceptions view you can move quickly to thrown exceptions

To open the Exceptions view, click on Exceptions/Search option in RevDeBug Menu (RevDeBug > Exceptions/Search). 400_menu_exceptions.png

In this window you can see various exceptions and markers in one place. 401_marker_view.png

In the upper left corner are placed buttons representing various markers. Red one 402_marker_red.png is used for all recorded exceptions, yellow 403_marker_yellow.png for handled ones and blue 404_marker_blue.png for Search queries, which are explained in Search chapter.

Clicking on each of this buttons will change visibility of each exception in this window.

Double-click on any item on the list, to jump to the moment in time (i.e. recorded state) where the exception occured. 405_marker_view_item.png

Markers are also visible on the Thread view. 406_marker_thread.png

Go to the next chapter, to learn how to use your own search queries.

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