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See the individual threads that were used by the application

Within a multi-thread program, it can be easier to understand how a program was executed or spot
where errors and bugs occur
with a visual representation.
From the RevDeBug menu, select Thread view to open a visual representation of how a particular thread executed their instructions.


In this view, you can see the individual threads that were used by the application, with these listed vertically on the left panel with their thread numbers (1).

“-” and “+” buttons decrease or increase the level of detail shown (2).

The horizontal axis, at the top of this panel, helps in recognizing what part of the program runtime timeframe you are looking at(3).

The slider on the bottom of the panel can be moved horizontally in both directions, to quickly reach the moment in time you need (4).

The current position, represented by a vertical red line (5).

Current block viewed is also marked in green. The line can be moved with the mouse horizontally within the current screen, allowing you to change the position of the viewed state.
The remaining blocks in the view remain in the default color blue until the currently viewed execution state reaches instructions which they executed.

The List Thread view is synchronized with the Control Panel window and source code view. This means that you can always view the details of current state and source code corresponding to it.

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