Version 3.0 (2018.03.01)

  • Added support for Kubernetes, AWS and Azure
  • We have Dockerized RevDebug Server – Easy to use, easy to setup
  • Save and share your recordings with ease thanks to RevDeBug Server
  • No more searching for recording - now they are all in one place
  • RevDeBug and Prompter has been integrated into one awesome extension, but Prompter remains FREE for all! :)
  • RevDeBug has now two recording modes: Monitoring and full Recording. Record exceptions in Kilobytes, not Gigabytes!
  • Recording algorithms became more optimized - RevDeBug works faster, recordings are smaller
  • Now you can change between recordings without rebuilding the whole app!
  • The UI became more accessible and intuitive
  • The customization of Value Prompts is as easy, as it was in Prompter
  • Installation and updates are easier than ever
  • Now you can redeem your license key inside RevDeBug!

Version 2.5 (2017.10.04)

  • Proudly announcing new feature of RevDeBug Recorder - which allows dynamically enabling or disabling recording of applications compiled with RevDeBug WITHOUT Visual Studio
  • Added support for .NET Core 2.0
  • Added Data Masking support - no need to worry about your sensitive data, we are not recording it
  • Added Import Wiz(z)ard - now importing recordings from developers or from production takes only 3 steps (or less)!
  • Added some fun to RevDeBug with Code Metrics and Achievements. Now you can find out how you code and gain some badges :D
  • Changed Floating States visuals - not only they look prettier, you can change their looks by yourself
  • Better sorting for code Heatmap
  • Control Panel got redesigned. Again. Just a lil' bit ;)
  • Some bug fixes

Version 2.4.4 (2017.07.24)

  • Added performance statistics: see immediately which methods were invoked the most frequently and took the most time to execute
  • Added option to pause/resume RevDeBug during debugging - record only the most important actions
  • Redesign of Search view. It is now compact and more intuitive to use
  • Bug fixes

Version 2.4 (2017.05.29)

  • Simple search is now available and it really is simple
  • Now you can see the list of all exceptions all the time, even for large recordings. Enjoy!
  • Added a survey at deinstallation - not to bother you, but we do really care what do you think of RevDeBug
  • And a better way of informing you about new RevDeBug features

Version 2.3 (2017.04.21)

  • Added support for new C# 7, VB 15 syntax!
  • Redesigned Control Panel, we hope you like our new movement icons :)
  • All Recordings and Metadata are by default saved in My Documents/RevDeBug
  • In memory recoding with many concurrent Visual Studio instances works as expected
  • In memory recording will drop oldest data when receiving new one to not overflow memory
  • Added new predefined search queries
  • Added an option to ignore parts of recording there is not compilation metadata available (default behavior)
  • Added RevDeBug output pane (log), with information about recording status
  • Added short tips to all RevDeBug panels
  • Unhandled exceptions in ASP.NET are now properly recorded

Version 2.2 (2017.03.20)

  • Support for .NET Core 1.1

Version 2.1 (2017.03.07)

  • Support for Visual Studio 2017
  • Enhancements in installer

Version 2.0 (2017.02.07)

  • .NET Core 1.0 support
  • Added RevDeBug Help Window
  • Added RevDeBug Configurator
  • RevDeBug Tool Bar is showed on visual startup
  • Search now searches the whole recording instead of just loaded states
  • Find usages/find executions now displays Search query window. This way those queries can be executed on whole tmox file
  • RevDeBug automatically loads Metadata and Recording
  • 30 day trial is automatically granted for new users
  • Add ability to change recording destination file in Configurator
  • RevDeBug Configurator is opened automatically, If project is started with RevDeBug for first time
  • Added REC button
  • Increased preloaded app states count to 100 000
  • Redesign of RevDeBug menu
  • Added compressed state storage

Version 1.9 (2016.12.22)

  • RevDeBug forces skipping CodeAnalysis
  • RevDeBug reference processing is now done directly in MSBuild pipeline
  • RevDeBud MSBuild tasks are skipped for F# projects(Revdebug compilation failed if solution contained F# project)
  • Added RevDeBug Properties window that allows user to choose projects to compile
  • Added self injected RevDeBug Compiler
  • Added options in Properties window to select recording destination path and storage type
  • RevDeBug metadata - loading source files now can be done from different locations
  • Display time stamp of each state
  • Added recording pagination (Possibility to load only part of recording from file)
  • Multi project support (Load recording from many projects in solution)

Version 1.8 (2016.09.20)

  • Added ApplicationId
  • Added funcionality to jump with use of stack trace
  • Added funcionality to jump with use of scope trace
  • TimeMachine rebranded to RevDeBug

Version 1.7 (2016.09.05)

  • New build process (MsBuild friendly)
  • Fixed problems with rendering multi line overlays in code
  • "Show details" option state is now saved between VS reboots
  • Redesigned "Memory usage" bar to flat, cross-windows unification
  • Added possibility to set query markers limit in TMQL window
  • Implemented Heartbeat
  • Added button for opening compiler directory

Version 1.6 (2016.07.15)

  • Installation folder changed to ProgramData
  • Added searching for method executions
  • Added commands that allow jumping to next/previous method execution
  • Adding new Custom Action for WiX Installer for checking running instances of Visual Studio during installation and, if not, forces user. to close all of them before continue
  • Added visual information about failed state processing in State Control tool window

Version 1.5 (2016.04.21)

  • Added Support for C#6.0 and Visual Basic 14
  • Added Variable's Viewer
  • Added HTTP Requests Viewer
  • Added About Window
  • Loaded recording size is limited to 1GB
  • Added possibility to copy selected markers to clipboard

Version 1.4 (2016.04.05)

  • Search - Added predefined queries
  • Reduction of memory usage - better symbols handling
  • Added mechanism to cancel RevDeBug tasks
  • Added separate markers for handled/unhandled exceptions
  • Added Call Stack and Scope Stack

Version 1.3 (2016.03.03)

  • Added button for copying current state value
  • Added Search
  • Added Markers Viewer

Version 1.2 (2016.02.12)

  • Clicking on Thread View moves to correspondent state
  • Added In Memory recording
  • Added zooming in Thread Viewer

Version 1.1 (2016.01.21)

  • Display current state details
  • Added user feedback massage box
  • Added overlays with variables values
  • Added Thread Viewer

Version 1.0 (2015.12.14)

  • First Version of ReDeBug with its own Code Compiler, possibility to record application and navigate through recording with arrows

Last Edited on 2017-04-04