Version 4.6.17 (2018.10.19)

  • A new version of RevDeBug has been summoned into existence with the following changes:
  • Major performance improvements: in some cases RevDeBug is now even five times faster!
  • We had analyzed RevDeBug recordings, for making them more accurate and light. We would like to make debugging on production experience closer to debugging at development. Thanks to analyzing, recordings are smaller and more readable!
  • A good news for all RevDeBug Server users - now, in case of a crash, you send a lighter data package from clients machine to the server.
  • With this release, we support oldie but goldie .NET Framework version 4.0.
  • Bug fixes and graphics improvements.

Version 4.6 (2018.09.24)

  • In addition for bug fixes this release brings the following features:
  • You asked, we did: Full support for .NET 4.5!
  • RevDeBug is now compatible with code analyzers (such as Sonar Cube).
  • With the newest version, you can turn off the fallback building. This feature is available also on the build server, to clarify the process of building applications with RevDeBug.
  • Even more adjustments of Control Panel UX.
  • New Login Panel with some awesome animations.
  • From now Value Prompts are also displaying values from the past loop's iterations right on your code! More details here.
  • RevDeBug is now much more friendly for new users with new tips&tricks, that will provide you a better understanding of the technology of reverse debugging.
  • For better navigation we have included new features of RevDeBug: call stack and scope stack (which provides fine grained navigation within the current method and makes it easier to iterate over loops and conditionals)!
  • We have granted you access to MSBuild logs! Enjoy ;)

Version 4.5 (2018.08.08)

  • We are pleased to announce the release of RevDeBug 4.5!
  • Meet the newest feature: Crash Recording. It was created to allow you record only selected number of events, which led to crash, instead of recording of whole session.
  • Xamarin joined supported technologies! We are delighted that now we can support also mobile and IoT developers.
  • For easier setup on CI/CD servers we have released RevDeBug NuGet package, make sure to check documentation on how to start using it!
  • Performance improvements
  • UX improvements
  • Bug fixes, once again ;)

Version 4.0 (2018.05.21)

  • Say hello to RevDeBug! Coming with 64219 lines of code - that's like 5.5 times “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” book’s length. It seems, that we’ve sailed 110000 miles with captain Nemo ;) It's like five laps around the Earth!
  • RevDeBug is even more beautiful and intuitive - we have nailed it this time ;)
  • Manage your recordings like a pro with the fresh new RevDeBug Control Panel. It comes with 4 convenient tabs, that contain the most important functions - easy to use, easy to find
  • Proudly announcing the newest feature: filtering. You can now find exceptions, both handled and unhandled, values, dates, etc. with a single click
  • Find out how your application really behaves with the new timeline of calls and events
  • Navigation through the recording has just been simplified - bringing you even closer to each bug
  • Optimize your code with our new performance data window. It comes with information about the total call count, as well as mean and overall execution time of all methods in your application
  • Control your recordings easily with a new floating recording window
  • Ever wondered, how RevDeBug affects your app? No worries! RevDeBug will tell you now what’s going on
  • Get access to RevDeBug easier than ever! You can now login, register and manage your license from the convenient RevDeBug Start-Up screen
  • All settings are merged into one, sensible window - everything is now easy to find
  • Bug fixes, as always ;)

Version 3.1 (2018.03.28)

  • Support for C# 7.1/7.2 syntax is finally here!
  • RevDeBug is now easier for first-timers - by default only startup project is recorded
  • You can now start RevDeBug through the debug menu
  • Bug fixes

Version 3.0 (2018.03.01)

  • Added support for Kubernetes, AWS and Azure
  • We have Dockerized RevDebug Server – Easy to use, easy to setup
  • Save and share your recordings with ease thanks to RevDeBug Server
  • No more searching for recording - now they are all in one place
  • RevDeBug and Prompter has been integrated into one awesome extension, but Prompter remains FREE for all! :)
  • RevDeBug has now two recording modes: Monitoring and full Recording. Record exceptions in Kilobytes, not Gigabytes!
  • Recording algorithms became more optimized - RevDeBug works faster, recordings are smaller
  • Now you can change between recordings without rebuilding the whole app!
  • The UI became more accessible and intuitive
  • The customization of Value Prompts is as easy, as it was in Prompter
  • Installation and updates are easier than ever
  • Now you can redeem your license key inside RevDeBug!

Version 2.5 (2017.10.04)

  • Proudly announcing new feature of RevDeBug Recorder - which allows dynamically enabling or disabling recording of applications compiled with RevDeBug WITHOUT Visual Studio
  • Added support for .NET Core 2.0
  • Added Data Masking support - no need to worry about your sensitive data, we are not recording it
  • Added Import Wiz(z)ard - now importing recordings from developers or from production takes only 3 steps (or less)!
  • Added some fun to RevDeBug with Code Metrics and Achievements. Now you can find out how you code and gain some badges :D
  • Changed Floating States visuals - not only they look prettier, you can change their looks by yourself
  • Better sorting for code Heatmap
  • Control Panel got redesigned. Again. Just a lil' bit ;)
  • Some bug fixes

Version 2.4.4 (2017.07.24)

  • Added performance statistics: see immediately which methods were invoked the most frequently and took the most time to execute
  • Added option to pause/resume RevDeBug during debugging - record only the most important actions
  • Redesign of Search view. It is now compact and more intuitive to use
  • Bug fixes

Version 2.4 (2017.05.29)

  • Simple search is now available and it really is simple
  • Now you can see the list of all exceptions all the time, even for large recordings. Enjoy!
  • Added a survey at deinstallation - not to bother you, but we do really care what do you think of RevDeBug
  • And a better way of informing you about new RevDeBug features

Version 2.3 (2017.04.21)

  • Added support for new C# 7, VB 15 syntax!
  • Redesigned Control Panel, we hope you like our new movement icons :)
  • All Recordings and Metadata are by default saved in My Documents/RevDeBug
  • In memory recoding with many concurrent Visual Studio instances works as expected
  • In memory recording will drop oldest data when receiving new one to not overflow memory
  • Added new predefined search queries
  • Added an option to ignore parts of recording there is not compilation metadata available (default behavior)
  • Added RevDeBug output pane (log), with information about recording status
  • Added short tips to all RevDeBug panels
  • Unhandled exceptions in ASP.NET are now properly recorded

Version 2.2 (2017.03.20)

  • Support for .NET Core 1.1

Version 2.1 (2017.03.07)

  • Support for Visual Studio 2017
  • Enhancements in installer

Version 2.0 (2017.02.07)

  • .NET Core 1.0 support
  • Added RevDeBug Help Window
  • Added RevDeBug Configurator
  • RevDeBug Tool Bar is showed on visual startup
  • Search now searches the whole recording instead of just loaded states
  • Find usages/find executions now displays Search query window. This way those queries can be executed on whole tmox file
  • RevDeBug automatically loads Metadata and Recording
  • 30 day trial is automatically granted for new users
  • Add ability to change recording destination file in Configurator
  • RevDeBug Configurator is opened automatically, If project is started with RevDeBug for first time
  • Added REC button
  • Increased preloaded app states count to 100 000
  • Redesign of RevDeBug menu
  • Added compressed state storage

Version 1.9 (2016.12.22)

  • RevDeBug forces skipping CodeAnalysis
  • RevDeBug reference processing is now done directly in MSBuild pipeline
  • RevDeBud MSBuild tasks are skipped for F# projects(Revdebug compilation failed if solution contained F# project)
  • Added RevDeBug Properties window that allows user to choose projects to compile
  • Added self injected RevDeBug Compiler
  • Added options in Properties window to select recording destination path and storage type
  • RevDeBug metadata - loading source files now can be done from different locations
  • Display time stamp of each state
  • Added recording pagination (Possibility to load only part of recording from file)
  • Multi project support (Load recording from many projects in solution)

Version 1.8 (2016.09.20)

  • Added ApplicationId
  • Added funcionality to jump with use of stack trace
  • Added funcionality to jump with use of scope trace
  • TimeMachine rebranded to RevDeBug

Version 1.7 (2016.09.05)

  • New build process (MsBuild friendly)
  • Fixed problems with rendering multi line overlays in code
  • "Show details" option state is now saved between VS reboots
  • Redesigned "Memory usage" bar to flat, cross-windows unification
  • Added possibility to set query markers limit in TMQL window
  • Implemented Heartbeat
  • Added button for opening compiler directory

Version 1.6 (2016.07.15)

  • Installation folder changed to ProgramData
  • Added searching for method executions
  • Added commands that allow jumping to next/previous method execution
  • Adding new Custom Action for WiX Installer for checking running instances of Visual Studio during installation and, if not, forces user. to close all of them before continue
  • Added visual information about failed state processing in State Control tool window

Version 1.5 (2016.04.21)

  • Added Support for C#6.0 and Visual Basic 14
  • Added Variable's Viewer
  • Added HTTP Requests Viewer
  • Added About Window
  • Loaded recording size is limited to 1GB
  • Added possibility to copy selected markers to clipboard

Version 1.4 (2016.04.05)

  • Search - Added predefined queries
  • Reduction of memory usage - better symbols handling
  • Added mechanism to cancel RevDeBug tasks
  • Added separate markers for handled/unhandled exceptions
  • Added Call Stack and Scope Stack

Version 1.3 (2016.03.03)

  • Added button for copying current state value
  • Added Search
  • Added Markers Viewer

Version 1.2 (2016.02.12)

  • Clicking on Thread View moves to correspondent state
  • Added In Memory recording
  • Added zooming in Thread Viewer

Version 1.1 (2016.01.21)

  • Display current state details
  • Added user feedback massage box
  • Added overlays with variables values
  • Added Thread Viewer

Version 1.0 (2015.12.14)

  • First Version of ReDeBug with its own Code Compiler, possibility to record application and navigate through recording with arrows

Last Edited on 2018-03-28