Table of Contents

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  • About RevDeBug »

    What exactly is this DevOps Observability Platform and what does it give you

  • Products Overview »

    Get to know RevDeBug Products - DevOps Monitor, IDE Extension, Standalone Recorder

  • API Installation »

    What is this RevDeBug API and how can you use it in your application

  • Record At Will »

    Implementation of “Record At Will” button, that will allow you to toggle Live Recording from your application

  • Handled Exceptions »

    Learn how to record handled exceptions using Crash Recorder

  • Object Properties »

    Learn how to record complex user-defined object's properties

  • Report issue »

    Implementation of “report issue” functionality for end users/testers

  • DevOps Monitor Installation »

    How to configure the RevDeBug recording server and deploy your applications to the production environment

  • Server Configuration »

    How to configure the RevDeBug DevOps Monitor server

  • Teams »

    How to invite yout Team to RevDeBug DevOps Monitor

  • Historical Values »

    View all values, that variable had during program execution.

  • Performance Profiling »

    Even tiny performance imperfections in methods called multiple times may cause great delays. Our performance profiler pinpoints the most overused ones and you can obtain this data from development, staging, testing and even production environments.

  • Save and Share »

    Software development is a team game, so might be debugging. Save and share errors recordings with other team members.

  • Search »

    RevDeBug recording giving you huge amount of data on your application behaviour. Now you are able to search at those variables and exceptions

  • Selective recording »

    Create your custom monitoring system thanks to RevDeBug Selective Recording.

  • Threads »

    Inspect how threads of your application communicate with each other.

  • Time Machine »

    Standard Visual Studio debugging tool contains instruments such as step-into, step-over or step-out. Time Machine allows you to travel in an opposite direction, to inspect what causes the bug in your project

  • Value Prompts »

    Highlight the values in code with Visual Studio. See values right in your C# code during debugging.

  • VS Extension Overview »

    Everything you need to know about RevDeBug VS Extension

  • VS Extension Installation »

    How to set up the RevDeBug VS Extension

  • Quickstart »

    Learn how to use RevDeBug Extension in 3 easy steps

  • Recording »

    What is this recording thingy and all the cool stuff you can do with it

  • RevDeBug.setup »

    Learn how to setup RevDeBug with a RevDeBug.setup file

  • Gradle »

    Record Java application with RevDeBug

  • Maven »

    Record Java application with RevDeBug

  • C# »

    Recording C# applications with RevDeBug

  • .NET Core »

    RevDeBug skyrocket observability of .NET Core applications

  • .NET »

    RevDeBug skyrocket DevOps observability of .NET applications

  • iOS »

    Xamarin on iOS device

  • Sharepoint »

    RevDeBug skyrocket DevOps observability of SharePoint systems.

  • Troubleshooting »

    What to do when it seems that nothing works