DevOps is all about delivering more business value faster and smarter

Sadly, bugs can stop your teams dead in their tracks. They need a 100% reliable error reporting tool to quickly isolate and fix bugs, especially on production environments. RevDeBug is the answer – RevDeBug will improve your deployment times, cutting down on manual testing and rollbacks.

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With such a complicated program, normally I would have searched the cause for at least 5 days. With RevDeBug it took me 2 hours.
Leszek Lewandowski, Head of the .NET Development Team, BSB

How does RevDeBug help your team

Monitor and Profile

We provide you with tools to monitor your applications for errors and deliver profiling data also from production environments. With RevDeBug you never have to guess what happens with your application and you don’t need to rely on your users to report errors.

To shorten MTTR even more all of data is delivered directly into software engineers Visual Studio.

Time Machine for DevOps

We help you to transform error fixing and debugging into repeatable and predictable processes. With RevDeBug software engineers can always obtain detailed recording of what caused error. Like in a Time Machine they can go back in time from error to root cause including execution paths and variables’ values.

With RevDeBug there are not bugs that can’t be replicated.

Boosting Team Communication

We make communication between testers and developers dramatically more efficient and effective, avoiding the usual overheads of preparing lengthy instructions, complicated test data, simulated user environment, or added diagnostic code to replicate the problem.

Now testers can just send a complete recording and developers don’t need to waste time in preparing replication environments or trying to replicate bugs themselves.

We use RevDeBug with one of our solutions to record bugs while testing. It’s an interesting alternative for traditional debugging and I see it’s great potential for making fixing bugs quicker.
Szymon Szczepański, Software Architect and Team Leader, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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