Make your programming experience better with our Visual Studio extension for .NET Developers

You can use it with any edition of Visual Studio: Community, Professional or Enterprise!

FeaturesRevDeBug with any edition of Visual StudioVisual Studio without RevDeBug
Record debugging sessions learn more

Supports .NET Core
Supports Azure(only on Windows)
Supports AWS
Supports Docker
Supports Kubernetes
Supports On Device Unity applications
No additional components needed on production servers
Turn on/off recording easily (No powershell scripts needed!)
Send data directly to your IDE, even from production deployments
No need to save recording files on production server – keep it clean
No PDB files needed on production server – keep it secure
Monitoring learn more

Continuously monitor every deployment for errors and exceptions
Historical debugging/Time machinelearn more

Search through recording with linq queries
Search for variable values in recorded session (to easily identify errorneous data)
Historical call stack
Save and Share Recordingslearn more

Send recording file to other developer
Easy share recordings via Record Server
Value Promptslearn more

See values right in your code during debugging
Performance profilinglearn more

Monitoring the application for performance bottlenecks on production