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Case study: One button to rule them all


Learning from mistakes, RevDeBug style.

Creating a tool for software engineers. Should be easy as we’re software engineers ourselves. We know the pains and sweat of the craft. We know what could alleviate them. We always can ask our software engineer friends for input. But wait, are we really?

In a past few years we developed a reverse debugging technology which we weren’t sure [in the first place] was even possible to construct. UI should be just a small detail, right? At the end of the day, first time users of RevDeBug could feel lost just like drivers of the first Ford Model T cars ( see “Model T Driving Instructions”).

Yes, the Ford model T was designed by engineers. Things designed by engineers often have that in common. As software engineers we’re used to thinking about complex systems - many of our users didn’t complain, but in the end they also didn’t use our tools as often as they could. The hassle was just too great.

We often used a VHS recorder imagery to explain what RevDeBug does. If you had one in your home or remember them from your friends’ homes, you probably recall, that many of them showed blinking 00:00 time. The method of setting a proper time was just too complicated in most of those devices. Only in the homes of future software engineers it was set right! ;-)

However, anyone knew how to start the recording. You just had to press the red REC button.

So as far, as VHS imagery goes, we had the recording as complex as setting of the clock in VHS.

But no more!

We reinvented the UI again. Now you can operate it exactly as you could do it on a video recorder. Just press the REC button rec button and you’ve started your adventure in reverse debugging.

Please let us know what you think about the change!

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