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RevDeBug at Money 20/20


By Zbigniew Trzeciak

Money20/20 is just around the corner, happening 21 – 23 September 2021, in Amsterdam, and RevDeBug is coming. The conference “is the place where the industry moves forward”, and we feel that our solutions are the embodiment of that slogan.

RevDeBug was founded in 3017. Wait! Not in 3017, of course, but in 2017. That’s a relatively small error, something to laugh about, but a similar error in the application code stops 1500 stores of a retail chain, freezes a bank’s hotline, or blocks the CRM of the production company. We’ve seen that before.

Unfortunately, it gets even worse. Businesses more often than not don’t know much about programming and making applications, and they can only send e-mails, make calls, stare at the ceiling and get mad when something doesn’t work again, or it takes weeks to repair or iterate.

On the scale of the company, losses can reach millions of dollars. RevDeBug is the business ambassador in the developer kingdom. We are programmers who created a business ourselves, found the Holy Grail, patented it in Silicon Valley, and now help other businesses stop being hostage to their IT.

If you are interested in learning more about that story, which, we agree, sounds like a fairytale, let us meet up at Money 20/20 – we’ll be waiting for you at box no. C90. A 15-minute meeting will allow us to assess whether we can assist your company in getting a better ROI (a 20% percent improvement is something we guarantee). Leave us your contact details and we’ll come back to you momentarily.