New abillities: we have upgraded your Time Machine for Visual Studio

Hello for RevDebug fellow!

As you may have noticed, we have implemented some major updates to our Visual Studio extension. We’ve found that many of our users weren’t using our product to its full potential. That’s why we decided to revamp our UI and make your experience better. Hope that our new UI will allow you to have a  better understanding of our reverse debugging technology!

Are you ready to debug like a pro? Check it out:

Take full advantage of all possibilities with the new UI!

A new user interface is simple but easy to use. Are you looking for RevDebug tutorials? Are you looking for some help from our technical advocates?  Are you wondering how many days of license you had? Answers to all these questions you can find on our brand new start page.

Make your applications as fast as possible with a performance profiler.

This day has come: a performance profiler which allows you to travel in code right to the method had risen. Look how nice it works:

Find exceptions, both handled and unhandled, values, dates, etc. with a single clicker!

RevDebug gained a new feature: filtering. Right now you may filter events for easy and fast bugs finding.

Track your application behavior with a real timeline.

This update giving you a possibility to saw how your apps behave with a timeline of calls and events. We simplified navigation through the code as much as possible.

Record your application on your client’s computer and locally with a new floating window.

What was the hardest part of debugging process? Recreating a bug, to find the cause of the problem. It’s not a problem anymore! RevDebug allows you to completely skip this stage. With a new floating window, it’s even easier to manage all your recordings.

Perfecting our tool is a great adventure. We believe, that these changes will help you with focusing on development of your projects instead of debugging them for most of the time.


Do you want to share your own ideas for the next RevDebug update? 

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