What unites ponies and AI? Microsoft Build Conference 2018

This year is filled with exciting events! We have not only created some interesting partnerships, but we also had the opportunity to get involved in several amazing events, uniting C# developers from all over the world. Microsoft Build 2018 conference is one of them. It filled our heads with inspiration, which we would like to share with you!

Day zero: We are waiting for our first guests!

If you had the opportunity to attend the exhibition hall at this year’s conference, you certainly could not miss our stand, located in the central part of the hall. We were very happy that our booth was located within a short distance from our friends from RedGate. Thanks to that we could exchange many interesting observations with them about the conference topics.

We are waiting for our first guests.

Day one: started with a great speech by Paul Yuknewicz and Andy Sterland

Speech on the subject of debugging? We couldn’t miss it! Paul Yuknewicz and Andy Sterland discussed in detail the topic of “Diagnosing and debugging live cloud applications”. Apart from hearing a few inspirational speeches, our main activity was to talk with guests who decided to visit our booth. As you may see there were plenty of them:

In the evening we went to the Windows Developer Awards. Many interesting and ambitious projects have been submitted to the prizes. We eagerly awaited the announcement of results. Congratulations to all winners!

The winners of this year’s ninja cats.

MSBuild was a great place to receive feedback about RevDebug! We had the opportunity to talk not only to people interested in our debugger but also organizers of meetups and influencers. we were cooperating with some of them for a long time but never met them in person. Finally, we had the chance to meet them face to face!

Returning to the question “what unities ponies and AI?”: this year not only people but also animals were guests of this conference. If you don’t believe, take a look by yourself:

Cuddle corner was very popular among participants.

Day three: last but not least exciting day

We cannot believe how quickly the days of this great conference went by! Literally, until the last minute of opening the booth, we constantly had guests. Just want to mention how profoundly great and exciting this year’s MSBuild was. Mad props to the crew!

Do you know that another, equally breathtaking event is approaching? We are proud to announce that we will participate in this year’s Microsoft Inspire. Event trailer looks really promising:

Would you like to learn more about our revolutionary extension, but you will not be able to meet us personally at this year’s Inspire Conference?

Find out…

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