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A "Time Machine for .NET" in London.


Finding and fixing bugs takes time. Sometimes finding them takes even longer than deploying the solution. Traditional methods are neither elegant nor an effective use of your time.

The Time Machine team of CEO Thomas Kruszewski, Head of R&D, Kamil Kupcewicz, and Advisor Wlodek Laskowski made an excursion into the British Isles last week. The UK is home to some very talented .NET developers who often share their knowledge in Meetups. In this case, Skills Matter was hosting a 3 day conference called “Progressive .NET Tutorials 2016”.

Given that Time Machine for .NET is a reverse, or historical, debugger which records and replays the development process on .NET Platform, the theme of the event was quite fitting.

The Tuesday evening before the conference was to take place, Time Machine’s head of R&D Kamil Kupcewicz gave a terrific talk at the LDNUG Skills Group, which was followed by some great questions from the audience. One lucky attendee even won a drawing for a free year of Time Machine for .NET.

The conference itself was from Wednesday, 22nd - Friday, 24th June at CodeNode. Time Machine for .Net manned a booth at the expo where networking with other .NET developers and innovators was quite fluid and natural. Event keynote speakers informed the crowds of emerging trends in the sphere of .NET, and panel discussions regaled attendees with their well informed opinions.

At the end of the 3rd day, exhausted and tired, but very pleased, it was time to go home. An excellent time was had by all!

For more pictures from the event, visit the Time Machine for .NET Facebook page.

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