RevDeBug - Professional tool for fighting bugs

Stepping backwards in time

RevDeBug records what an application does under the hood on each line of code and allows you to step backwards in time, which helps in finding the root causes of bugs. Finally, you don’t need to restart your debugging session over and over again. Now you can trace the root cause of bugs just by stepping back in time.

Record history of local variables’ values

RevDeBug records the history of all local variables’ values. Need to know where a particular variable’s value was set or used? Jump instantly to that particular moment in time with the use of RevDeBug. Now you can easily find what really caused this NullReferenceException or other hard to track exceptions.

See variables’ values at a glance while tracking bugs

While using our historical debugger your source code view will be additionally decorated with recorded values of variables and return values of executed methods. That way it is much easier to understand why those particular code paths were executed.

See exactly where and when your methods were executed

With RevDeBug you can set the historic debugging breakpoints to quickly navigate to all the recorded execution occurrences of particular places in the source code.

See all handled and unhandled exceptions

RevDeBug traces all handled and unhandled exceptions thrown by your applications. This allows you to move backwards starting from the moment they were thrown or captured to the real cause as to why it happened.

Inspect recorded web requests to your application

RevDeBug records all information about web requests and responses allowing easy inspection and historical debugging of what happened to your web apps.

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Other features

  • Recording of method’s entry/exit.
  • Recording of complete parameters values.
  • Recording of class static initialization (fields initialized with values, static constructor).
  • Graphic presentation of the threads in multithreaded applications.
  • Recording applications compiled in the ‘release’ mode.
  • Recording to file or streaming directly to IDE.
  • Recording the data without developer tools installed (no additional components are required).
  • Support for web applications running on IIS and IIS Express.
  • Support for .NET 4.5 or higher, .NET Core 1.0/1.1.
  • Integration with VS 2013, 2015 and 2017, from Community to Enterprise Editions.
  • Recording does not significantly slow down applications.


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Professional tool for fighting bugs